Embroidery Process

Chain stitch is a long gone technique which was used to embroider patches and jackets in the earlier part of the century. The most recognisable use was in the 40s, 50s and 60s car, bicycle and motorcycle world. 

My work is entirely executed on a freehand machine, without any use of computer automatism. Every piece is carefully hand stitched to the highest specs in the industry, using the absolute finest threads and fabrics. I don’t outsource any of the work and everything is handmade by myself in the heart of London.

Price Estimating

Pricing a chainstitch embroidery project entirely depends on the following 4 elements. Design details, size, colors and where this will be embroidered onto. 

PLEASE NOTE : the following prices are only a rough estimate and they are relative to the embroidery work only. If you are looking to commission an original bespoke design or if you just simply require design assistance with your artwork; an extra fee is calculated and added to the final quote.

Name patch - W 7/12 x H 3/4 cm - Between £20 to £35
Small patch - W 10/16 cm x H 10/16cm - Between £20 to £45
Back rocker style, lettering patch W 28/36cm x H 10/12cm Between £37 to £80
Large centre patch - W 25cm x H 25cm - Between £60 to £250
Full back piece or Large pieces - W 48 cm x W 28cm - Starting from £130 to £3000

Bespoke Embroidery Enquiry

If you'd like to discuss a commission, or bespoke design, please fill in the online form on this page. If you don't have a finalised design yet, as an experienced commercial illustrator I am able to help you create both the artwork and the embroidery that you'd like, for an additional design fee. Your enquiries will be carefully reviewed and we will email you back with an estimate. For a smooth process, please be as detailed as you can, so we can make sure to help you with your enquiry and if you have any questions, just add these in the form. If you are looking to commission a bespoke design, send over any reference images & details. That’ll help explain what you have in mind to make it amazing!

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Live Chainstitch Event Enquiry

I offer live, freehand chain stitch embroidery services for private or public events. I have been involved in a number of live events for the Denim, Fashion and Sports Lifestyle industries and collaborations have included clients such as; Adidas, Rouleur Magazine, Denim Dudes and Assembly Chopper Show.

Get in touch! I look forward to working together to create a great and absolutely unique experience!

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