G-Miglietta Chainstitch Embroidery

In the winter of 2017 I decided to open a new chapter and include in my business a new service. I committed to a new skill and practice, and began working with chain stitch embroidery.

This is a long gone technique which was used to embroider patches and jackets in the earlier part of the century. The most recognisable use was in the 50s car and motorcycle clubs. 

My work is entirely executed on a freehand machine, without any use of computer automatism.

It takes a very extensive time in order to master the skill and every piece is carefully hand tailored to the highest specs in the industry. I use the absolute finest materials; from the use of threads to the use of fabrics. I don’t outsource any of the work and everything is executed by myself in the heart of London.

If you'd like to discuss any commission and or bespoke design, please get in touch