Airport Concept Store

A render I produced for a client in USA. This particular illustration is for a new concept store in one of the Country's major airports. The design is meant to convey and deliver an idea of look and feel for the environment, representing materials.

In this particular illustration elements such as recycled wood are used to create table tops, counters and doors. Tables are made of concrete, chairs are refurbished vintage stools. Copper sheets cover the concrete bar counter facade. All around the back of the house we have a living plant wall decoration. Floor tiles have been replaced with a solid color in the render, to reduce visual interference. A quick coffee or juice purchase can be done from the cafe counter facing the corridor without the need of entering the busy store.

A type of brief I often get involved with. The intention behind is not to produce an actual render of what the place will be like, but to provide a visual implementation to the initial conceptual plan.  

Project date: February 2016