Widget the Rolling Dog - Self Initiated

Widget is a disabled toy dog, inspired by the story of Frankie, a real dog who broke his spine after an accident. Widget has a fully functional wheelchair that can easily be attached to her body by a strap. 

It's designed as an educational product for children with the involvement of their parents. Aiming to bring the positive example of a dog that had the chance to get back on track and now runs a life full of fun and energy. 

Widget is designed to be able to roll around with the use of her wooden wheels. At night the wheelchair can be easily detatched, and she's ready to go to sleep with her small caring owner. 

In designing this I focused on the children involvement with the everyday needs of a disabled dog. An aspect I also cared about was the idea of "putting a pet to sleep". Turning an extreme act, generally associated to the death of an animal, to something more positive and rich of hope. The simple act of care for an animal that requires a bit more attention from his caring owner, like the simple need of attention to go to sleep.

Widget always carries a small book inside a pouch. The book explains her story and underlines those everyday attentions needed.

Unfortunately, when I was half way trough this project, my dog Minu’ suddenly lost her sight. So this goes to her.

Project date: April 2009